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Hymair Dual Action Air Brush (Top Feed) (EW-4200)

Dual Action - Top Hole Feed
1.The micro air control valve enables infinite control of the airflow at the head Of the airbrush, which provides even more control of stippling, fine details And finely atomized background spraying
2.The cutaway handle enables users to grab the needle-chucking nut and Quickly pull back the needle to flush paint out of the cup and paint Passageways for a quick and easy clean up Fulfills a wide range for those who require outstanding control, superior Atomization and fine consistent details when spraying small amounts of Paint in small-to-medium-sized areas
3.Great for high precision and high detail work
4.Dual-action trigger air-paint control
5.Top hole container cleans quickly for rapid color changes
  • EW-4200
  • Hymair
  • 8424200000
Standard Nozzle: 0.2 mm
Hole Container Capacity: 2 ml
Working Pressure: 15-50 PSI



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